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An old Customs House that, in time, became a farming estate, then abandoned in 1961 with the spread of agricultural machinery and depopulation of the countryside. From 1999, after two years of deep renovation it’s my home.

In the thirteenth century, with the end of feudalism and especially with the emergence of the lordships, the Maremma region fell under the influence of Siena’s Republic that after a few years conquered militarily also Grosseto and transformed Maremma in a huge payement grazing field with the establishment of the Dogane dei Paschi, from which it originates the name of the famous Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank (1419).

Thanks to the mild weather and the early spring these region attracted transhumant of central Italy. The loss of independence and the exploitation economy of Siena destroyed the local economy and resulted in the abandonment of cultivated lands, with the inevitable increase in wetlands.

From the fourteenth century, in fact the presence of man in this region will increasingly have to deal with malaria and poverty, which are the salient feature which Maremma will be known for many centuries and which effectively will end only with the advent of the hydraulic pump motor and with the reclaim undertaken by the fascist regime around the Second World War.

The land reclamation was concluded with a powerful work of the Ente Maremma in the mid 50s of the last century. Since all the Maremma pasture were under the control of the Siena Customs, fencing was forbidden, even on private property.